Merope NGO:
Solutions for Seekers

In the world as we know it, we recognise the need for alternative education to empower people, as well as space for people to simply experiment and explore. That’s why Merope NGO is dedicated to provide and facilitate support to environmental projects, courses, workshops, meditation retreats and other events. Our goal is to strengthen the network of empowered people and places all over the world. Over time Merope aims to create several places and a team of family members who can travel around to feed the dream of a better world.

Right now, our focus is to build up our “House at the Lake”, and provide knowledge and experience on different topics.

In 2017 our working areas will include permaculture, natural building and healing .


We also invite others to organise events at our House at the Lake, or to book us for workshops and courses on your location. Examples could be anything ranging from an artist-in-residence program, sustainable workshops or healing retreats. The goal or content of all courses and events should focus on at least one of our 3 working areas, and show respect to all of them:

. Ecological Sustainability

. Personal Equilibrium

. Dynamic Creativity

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